Monday, August 30, 2010

new members (CT)

Thank you for all messages.You are really amazing! 
For some time, we'll be looking for new members.Do not give up, it could be your chance :-)

Thank you!


Abeille said...

Congratss girls!!

Thank you sweetie!! I'm very Happy!!

strawberry24 said...

Congratss girls!!

mathilde said...

congrats girls ! ! ! !

Pauline said...

Thank you sweetie! I'm so happy to be part of your Creative Team! Congrats to the other girls!

Lori said...


I wrote you an email last week asking about using your kits for blog design. I have a client now that's really interested in using your Dark City kit for her book blog. Do you offer a commercial license? Please email me any info! pureimagination77(at)

Olenkamajka said...

welcome girls