Saturday, September 11, 2010


Do not forget!
Tomorrow is the last day of the promotion "All my kits only 1$!"

And I have for you 5 COUPONS CODE (discount 50%) for a kit  of "USE YOUR LOVE" :-)



Anonymous said...

Thank you sou much !!! I just bought the kit. Awesome kit !!! Thanks again for the coupon.

Таня said...

This is fantastic and amazing kit!!! Thanks so much :-)

Brenda said...

I emailed you a week ago to ask how long the promotion was for your kits at shabbypickle. Did you get that email? When you said on your blog that "tomorrow is my last day for the promotion", I thought you meant that Sunday would be the last day that I could get them for $1. So I made a mental note to make sure to take a minute to sit down and buy the 12 kits I had saved in my 'wish list'. To my dismay, they were already off of sale. :( :( I misunderstood and was so so so so disappointed. I wanted to cry! I wish I hadn't missed out. I would be sitting here right now playing with one of them. Oh well! Your work is beautiful! I am new to this and just discovered you!