Friday, November 12, 2010

COLORS OF HOPE + coupon code

Hello everyone. :-)
This is my kit 

I am tired of this autumn weather and I hope it will be better, lol :D
I want to have power, I want to have new ideas for new kits. I feel like I'm losing something... :(
I'm not happy with myself .Ok, enough is saddened...

I present a new kit

This time I have to give away for 3 girls coupon code



Kirsten said...

How did this happen.:( I put the kit in my cart, got the coupon and i got the kit for free. Went to check out and then i had to pay.. :(

naz said...

Beautiful kit!! The coupons went really fast!! Hope you have a good weekend!

Filo said...

Thank you for the cupon!! Big kisses!!! =)

Antoaneta said...

Lovely kit, yes! I can understand your autumn mood, I don't like cold seasons. My dream is some endless summer beach with crystal water and beautiful blue sky :-)))
Wish you some sudden inspiration and sunny mood :-)


Piękny zestaw i tym razem.
Cudne wychodzą z niego scrapy, wszystko jest takie realistyczne, oko się raduje patrząc nań :)
Dziękuje że mogę nacieszyć moje oczy.